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Resolution: 2017

What is the resolution of the year for you? There is much that I would like to achieve at Market Nosh and there are a couple of releases that are going to be coming your way in the next few days, but why wait for the New Year?

The Christmas parties have finished, families have been seen and presents exchanged. Work has slowed for some and for the market stall trader the work they are doing may either stop with the January blues, or it will continue as normal.

Such is the business of the market stall.

There are seasons, there are fluctuations in the way people shop and when they are doing other things that involve their time away from the markets.

Just as the fluctuations in the Marketplace happen so the market trader also must fluctuate.

I decided to release two big items for the start of 2017. Based on the marketplace going a little quiet at this time of year, I felt it would give people a chance to see what is available to them on Market Nosh.

While the hours seem to slowly drift past, it might be better for me to offer some great new ways of interacting with Market traders and those who visit markets.

It’s all about timing! That is certainly true. A sale can be made with excellent timing, so can your year ahead as a Market Stall Trader be successful with excellent timing!

Planning Your Year

If you have been in market trading for some time you will know that there are parts of the year when it is going to be quiet and other times when you will be lucky to get some sleep.

While it may be quiet for you now, why not roughly plan when you are going to do various jobs this year.

There is the stock inventory, accounts, and obviously a quick look at some top tips on how to sell more effectively.

Then there should also be time allocated for developing your online presence. If you haven’t yet thought about it, I suggest you get started by signing up to the Market Nosh Newsletter. You’ll get a free guide to get you started in really simple terms. (No programming required!)

Expand the Mind

We can certainly learn from our surroundings, but there is much to be said by reading articles and books, or watching videos to help with our techniques on the Market Stall.

Perhaps it’s a new recipe that you want to develop for your customers, or the way you can video yourself for a small YouTube channel.

By continuing to learn you place yourself in a position of having far more tools at your disposal. The way to deal with customers, how to handle stock inventories and even quicker methods of setting up and taking down a stall.

There are numerous ways to develop yourself. Perhaps it is just to give yourself encouragement to progress and you need to read some biographies of people bouncing back.

Your mind is the most powerful force you have, and if you feed it, develop it and expand it you will certainly notice the benefits in all areas of your life.

Networking Ahead

Perhaps as part of your new years resolutions you have not considered putting networking on your list yet. I would strongly encourage you to do so.

No only does networking offer you opportunities to meet like-minded people, all fired up and excited to be alive, but the contacts you make will lead you to places you may not even have considered yet.

Decide now to sign up to a few Market shows, or hook up with groups through the Meetup’s app. Develop your contacts. Pass your number out and let others know what you do and how you may be involved with other fellow traders.

If you just thought, “Um, Maurice, I am not a confident person”, then this is really for you. You cannot drive a car without turning the steering wheel. You cannot get from point A to point B without getting in the car and starting it or getting a bus or other mode of transport.

If you want to develop confidence, put yourself in the position where you can grow confidence. It doesn’t happen overnight and you may have palpitations. So what?

If you are in a room full of people, set a small target of getting one persons contact. JUST ONE!

When you go to another meeting or Show, get two. Maybe standing waiting for a drink, talk to the person behind or in front of you. Standing at a table, talk to the person on the other side.

Soon you will notice that your confidence isn’t so much a thing to be worried by, but it was the unknowing of what would happen. Ultimately we are all humans and we may act and speak in different ways to each other, but there really is nothing to be scared about! (I’ll tell my story of this in a later post!)


The year has begun, and these precious few weeks where we get a short breather, make the most of the year. Plan it out roughly, develop your mind and look forward to meeting new people by networking with them.

Have a fantastic year ahead and I am certainly looking forward to hearing about it from you.

You can find the Facebook group, Market Nosh Costers to share your ideas, ask questions and generally network, or say hi over on Twitter @MarketNosh.

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