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Social media is the way we interact today with those around us. It is not only a source of awareness but more importantly it is vital to ensure you have social proof.

In a world where we increasingly do not know our neighbours we still want to rely on a knowledge that a person is trust worthy and social media can provide that proof for your Market Stall.

Starting Out

Your customers would love to see where you have come from and what your story truly is. How you came up with the ideas, and your development of them.

A sneak peak into your kitchen or a walk with you in the park provides a link between you and your customer who wants to trust you and believe you are who you say you are.

More than a ‘Fly by Night’

A ‘Fly by Night’ is an expression that means you are only there for a short while then gone again. No guarantee, not concerned about the welfare or happiness of the customer, you are primarily interested in the sale!

This is what a lot of customers fear in a market place. They will be far more willing to buy a product from you if they can trust what it is you are selling and if they can get more information from you when they leave.

Relationship building

Building this kind of relationship is key to developing trust. You can refer people to your service and offer them more than other stall owners in terms of social recognition.

If a customer has a complaint they will be able to contact you and your product which you so lovingly crafted or selected for sale has a chance to thrive with active users online.

Getting Started with Social Media, produced by Market NoshStand out from the Crowd

It is vital that you offer something a little bit special when it comes to a market stall. Standing at a table is one thing, going the extra mile to meet the needs of your customers is going further. They will relish this connection with you.

If you offer this level of care, imagine how they will refer you on to friends and family creating referrals that you can build on and develop in the future.


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