Some of the largest and wealthiest Entrepreneurs

started with a Market Stall!

Where would you expect to get the best business training in the world? Nope, not in a university, although that will certainly give you some ‘background’ knowledge. You get it from practising your craft on the street. This is the place all budding entrepreneurs should start.

To be an entrepreneur you only need to have a passion for what you want to sell. After that you will learn ‘on-the-job’ and very quickly that life best lessons are learned while you are practising.

Market Nosh is more than just a just a mobile App designed to point customers to place where they can buy fresh produce and local goods. Market Nosh is about the Stall owner too, and here you will find in a few short weeks what we have been working on.

We are so excited here at Market Nosh, that we are certain that you wont want to miss this as a Christmas gift for someone you love or for your own New Years Resolutions. In a years time you will be looking back and will see how far you have come in this exciting journey and be able to take your lessons further.

Bangkok Water Market

The Market Stall exists in many places around the world, and right down the road from you. It carries fresh produce from local farms and brings far flung hand crafted goods right to your door. Whether you are hand crafting soaps or displaying the latest crop of Brussel sprouts for Christmas, the Market Stall will wrap you warm and delight your customers.A Christmas Market may even be close to you and you too will be taking time to visit and see the wondrous items available to buy from another part of the world. There will be warm food in the cold afternoon and hot drink. The smells and the sounds bring with it a vibrancy and life of people gathering together.

What’s in store for you to be a part of will arrive soon. Make sure you have it on your list of Christmas wishes.



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